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Sweeten up your next party with delicious flavors ready to be whipped up and topped off with unique, custom toppings for you and your guests!

We love weddings, birthdays, events and just about any gathering!

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Here at Pandy Cotton Candy, our mission is to create a new form of excitement for cotton candy by creatively introducing flavors and toppings never found in cotton candy before. With over 50 flavors and toppings, we aim to excite with unique tastes for everyone - both young and the young-at-heart.



Pandy Cotton Candy offers traditional cotton candy flavors as well as endless creative opportunities for both simple and sophisticated tastes. From cotton candy truffles to events and more, Pandy Cotton Candy’s range of sweet goodies will leave you with a hint of nostalgia (and cotton candy you’ll fall head over heels for). We are a proudly female-run, Nashville-based company (where the cotton candy machine was invented!).


Our Mission

We want to be where the party is at. Spinning unique flavored sugary puffs is our passion